Born in Louisville Kentucky, Wells is well acclaimed for his dynamic versatility, expressive features, and dramatic presence.

Remember the name,
John Wells.
Already a star, in years a legend.
One of the few true action stars of this generation.
— Titus Paar, Swedish Director/Writer/Producer, Paar Prodcutions
John Wells is a rare talent. Able to immerse himself into any character roles that have little resemblance to his normal persona, while having the charisma and gravitas to carry an entire film. He is both a character actor and a leading man.
— Leigh Scott, Writer/Director/Producer, Imaginarium, Notre Vie
I know John as both friend and consummate actor, in both of these he exemplifies the very best. His professionalism and commitment to any character he plays is beyond the highest level.
— Al Snow, Pro wrestling Icon/Actor/Costar
John Wells is a gifted actor that is humble in his pursuit, relentless in his effort, uplifting to his peers, and awe-striking to those who behold his talent. John made our set better.
— Ron Newcomb, Director/Producer, The Forge Studios
John Wells is always extremely well prepared and consistent in his performance. He brings a believable, charismatic, and unique approach to every character he plays. In short, a joy to work with and a joy to watch on screen.
— Brian Cunningham, Director/Writer, Thoughtfly Films
Truly a pleasure to have on set. Not only is John always early, more than prepared for his role- John dives deep into his character, always delivers above and beyond any expectations I had as a director. He can transform himself into any role.
— Matt Niehoff, Director/Writer, Thoughtfly Films