Born in Louisville Kentucky, Wells is well acclaimed for his dynamic versatility, expressive features, and dramatic look. 


 In 2011, he won Best Actor at the 2011 International Fright Night Film Festival, as well as the award for Best One-Liner for his work in the sci-fi comedy/action feature,Overtime.  In April 2014, he won Best Actor for his performance in the supernatural short noir film, The Paper Tiger, at the Floyd Film Festival.  In addition to acting, Wells works as a certified personal fitness trainer.

   Height: 6 feet 1 in
   Weight: 190 lbs
   Age Range: 25 - 40
   Physique: Athletic
   Hair Color: Brown
   Hair Length: Shoulder Length
   Eyes: Gray
   Ethnicity: Caucasian
   Voice Type: Baritone

Additional Skills
Performance Skills: Singing, Guitar, Voiceover, Stunts,Teleprompter,Improvisation
Athletic Skills: Aerobics, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Weight Lifting, Calisthenics
Dialects: Southern, Russian, Irish, Canadian, Mexican, Italian, New York (Brooklyn), Australian, Cajun, Cockney, Scottish, British, German,      Spanish, French